Do You Want to Learn the Violin?

The violin is one of the most beautiful instruments to listen to, and probably the best known member of the string family.  The violin has been around for a very long time and violin making has been a very well known trade for centuries.

The violin is known as a bowed string instrument because as with a number of other stringed instruments such as the cello, viola and double bass, a bow is generally used to play.  I say generally because in some orchestral pieces the music calls for the violin strings to be plucked.

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The violin is often seen as an ideal instrument for children to use,  as the instrument is light, it is small and can be easily held by tiny hands.  Many children have started violin lessons at two or three years of age, and some have gone on to become child prodigies.

Likewise older people too can start learning the violin for the same reason that is it light, small and easily transportable.  My mother, after having violin lessons as a child, bought a new instrument and began having lessons again at the age of eighty.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are fifteen, twenty-four,  forty-two, or ninety, because as long as you want to learn the violin, and you have a passion for music, you can succeed.

So what is the easiest way for you to learn violin? I believe one of the easiest ways to learn violin is the Eric Lewis method at

At ViolinMasterPro the complete Eric Lewis method is available for players at all levels of competence from raw beginners to advanced players.  This method is complete solution to mastering the violin and is available for you to use in your own home, by downloading the videos and MP3′s in a step by step sequence.

ViolinMasterPro is a great teaching solution for yourself or your children.  Or perhaps like my mother you have a fading maestro in the family who would like to recreate the sound of the past in an easy to learn style. This is one of the most versatile violin teaching tools available online and is the only one that full documentation, Video downloads, resources and more, all taught by a world class violin master.

Start playing today.  You will surprised both at how easy it can be and how much pleasure you will get  from mastering the violin.  Learn to play with your children, your friends or your family.

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